At Eagles Nesting Bonefishing Lodge we fish from 17fts Hewes Bay fishers with 90 yamaha out boart engines, what we like about the Hewes Bay fishers it goes over very skinny water but can take very rough seas to give you a more smooth and comfortable ride. Comes with trim tabs to ajust the angle of the bow so you never get wet from side on seas.

Let's meet head guide at Eagles Nesting Bonefishing Lodge

Head Angler Guide at Eagles Nesting Bonefishing Lodge, I'm none by many as eyes or simply Kenny Bey. We at the Nest we calls it belives in clients satisfaction. I started guiding in the month of June 13 1993 or I took my first client out, We grew up on the flats of Long Island Bahamas so we knows where every nook and cranny where the big boys lives, we knows which flats to fish first or to fish last. remember people tide and time waits on no one so know your tides. You have to have  love for the sport to respect it. Give us a try and you will see the difference in the first 10 minutes why we are different from any other guide service.

Lets here a word from your head guide at the nest

When was the last time you've been doing some serious fishing even thoe you're having fun? Serious fishing don't mean face make up like a 160 miles a hour wind hit your face, and I'm not talking about jumping in a fancy boat with the fancy equipments and meeting the fancy guide with his pants so tight and far up his butt it looks like a pum pum shorts or a G string; I'm talking about hitting the flats and the channel lines and really stalking and chasing the ghost of the shallow waters.Okay I know you love nice stuff so let me ask you this, if a guy takes you fishing in a hewes bay fisher and a other guide wants to take you in a canoe who you think is better? And if a guy charges $400 and a other guide charges $450 who you think is better? If a guy dress in a performance gear and the other guide fish in a short casual pants and shirt who you think is better? If a guy has a web site and the other guides have none who is better? Hey all that stuff is nice, I have them all and love them all but take experience over all that stuff, take brains over beauty. You want a guide out there who is professional, friendly, experience and know what he's doing to give you a heaven on the flats experience to go along with all that stuff. So the next time considering booking a guiding service go with your heart and not your eyes only, Again always look for someone who is a angler and a guide and in that way you know your money will be well spent. Fishing should be fun not misery and hell, you should feel and know at the end of each fishing day that your guide tried their best to get you to the fish and not talk you to death to past time. Let my team and I show you how this is done, for our fishing service speaks loud and clear and for it self. (Tight Lines, Bent rods and screaming reels always) so with that said get rid of all the stress and try us we're the best.  If you are staying at any other resort or fishing Lodge and would like us to take you out thats not a problem we take clients as far as Loca Bar above Clerance Town, Grenwhich creek Lodge Stella Maris and the Cape Santa Maria,  Fishing is Our way of life, We eat it breath it live it

Lets Meet head chief and Owner of Eagles Nesting Bonefishing Lodge

Let's meet  chef and owner Mrs Urshula Capron, Urshula is known by many as a food goddess who is very skill and talented with her hands and love making everything from scratch no matter your taste buds, She  does catering services at private homes and for other occasions, She has adapted the name over the many years as the Urshulas Touch.  You must try her coconut tart my mouth is running water now as we speak. Her motto is clear cook from the heart and let the flavour do the rest. Cook it and present it with presentation and love

For Special events  Birthdays, Private chef to come in and prepare your meals? Need a special cake or sweets for your week stay on the Island contact her click here or

Loves gooking sea food, ( Lobser, Shrimp, Mahi Mahi, Conchs. Groupers,Tuna, Conch Salad, Crab,