Remember in all you do take caution, You came here as passenger please don't leave the Island as freight

Here at Eagles Nesting Fishing Lodge we provides a wide selection of family friendly activities, Check the list out below and see how many you would love to do to make your vacation one to remember. 
 From Storking the great and mighty Bonefish, The silver Ghost, The Grey Shadow, The missle, The ellusionst, just a few names that was giving to our friends. Pound for pound they are considered the strongest of the strong.

To Snorkling  to deep wreck dives, Love swimming and feeding sharks? ok not a problem so do we we've got you coverd. We have certify divers to take you out to shark reef. Sharks you will see is Black Tips, Reef Sharks Nurs Sharks, Hammer Heads.

How about Reef fishing? we have the finest and skill certify angler guides who was doing that for over 28 years. On the reefs you will catch Nassau grouper, Strawberry grouper, Snappers, Jacks of all type, Barracudas, Trigger fish.

You love to take a family on a picnic but Long Island Bahamas Style? ok heres how we do it, we take you out diving to a dept of 15ft of the clearest crystal waters in the world. We allow you to dive and spear (Only if we see that you candle handle a spear and sling) But you dive all the lobster you spear the fish, you pic up all the conchs of the bottom, once we get lunch on board we take you to one of our beach Islands set up some lounge chairs, umbrellas pull out the coolers with our Bahamian beers (Kalik Strong Back, Sands, Bush Crack just to name a few) but be carefull the kalik gold is 8% by vol. I and my team then take the conchs clean it up and makes the finest conch salad that is ever known to men lol, we clean up the groupers or what ever fish you got and clean those along with the lobster. Now its camping time we light a big fire and put lobster in foil with Island spice and seasoning with a pinch of butter we add our Island grown veggies wrap it up put on the grill the same with the fish and conch. Its amazing making my moth water now lol. Turn on some music and get sand in your toes, fresh sea food straight from the ocean  veggies in you belly straight from the soil kick back relax NO WORRIES MON.
You have now been on Long Island Bahamas for the past 4 days and you want to see other places? not a problem. Here's what we can do lets get on board our power boat and go over to Sandy Cay, and yes it's a cay situated of the Exuma Main land and its excatly a big sandy cay with sand as fine as powder and white as snow, it's a 30-40 minute ride but once you are over there its mind buglin and breath taking. That's where the pirates of the caribbean was shot. once there you can snorkle feed the iguanas just watch your fingers and chill for the day. I know you might want to stay over there but sorry you will have to leave.

You are here on the Island and it's 89 degress and you want to get your body wet to cool down? ok we have activties such as paddle boarding, Canoe adventures to go through the creeks to do bird sighting, Tube and Banana boat pulling, Kite and Para sailing, Sorry will update once we get or jet skies back up and going.

You come to party and love partying hard? try our booze cruise 18 and over thats where you get all of the native mix drinks.  This cruize last for 2 hours max and you drink all you can drink in that time but please drink responsable. Please note we dont give our boat captains no form of alcholic beverages.

Ok you here and you want to go do somthing with the natives? how about in the night once the moon sets you go do some night land crab catching, what the natives does they take a flash light goes out in the night along the road and in the bushes and catch dozens of native land crabs. back in the old days how they use to do was take a beer bottle fill it with kerosene or disel place a rag in it light it and thats call a frambo it burns all night. or my grand dad use to get a wood they call candle stick or torch wood once you get it light up it burns all night. Once you catch the crab they boil them with seasoning and put boil bread, cassava, Yam, and Plantain on top uuum strong strong mon, pencil becomes log lol

L"0-O"K you are in the Bahamas We here at Eagles Nesting Fishing Lodge takes pride in saying that once you were to come to the Nest you will feel safe and as part of our family. We love having fun but take safty percautions very very seriously.  You need not to worry about being free on the Island we have little to know crimes here because every body here knows every body we are all family here and we will make sure your time here one the Island be as joyful as the day your momma was when you were born lol. 

OK OK i got it none of the above for you well how about renting a plane and taking a tour of the Island and the Cays? Yes we have Capin Stephen Major is always ready and waiting to be your tour guide.

Aaaaaaaah I'm getting it you the laid back type who just want to lay low rest drink a Bahama Mamma  after all you are on relax cation lol. Ok just chill read a book and hear about all the exciting stories once persons were to come back in I FA DA

  Bikes are Complimentary  to all our guest               Self Drive Cars can be rented at weekly rates