Eagles Nesting Fishing Lodge

Welcome to Eagles Nesting fishing Lodge On Beautiful Long Island Bahamas, Long Island Bahamas is considered by anglers and visitors alike as the most science and beautiful Island in the Caribbean, For those of us who have the awesome pleasure to live in this tropical paradise looks at it as nothing more than a jewel in the Nile or our hidden treasure. At Eagles Nesting Bonefishing Lodge we take pride in knowing we employ only the finest angler guides because we know and understand that to be a top notch guide you will have to be a above and beyond angler. We were blessed to have built the nest as we passionately calls it just a foot walk away from the boating dock and 5 minutes boat ride to some of the most firm and powdered like sand flats where bonefish wag their tails as they hail you as you pass on by. Long Island Bahamas fly fishing guides has stand the test of times, so we know every creek which flats is going to be hi or low first, Eagles Nesting is your home away from home wither you planning on spending a day to a month we?ve got you covered. So if you want style comfort but yet hard core activities you've come to the right spot. Just want to chill? Well just chill mon

Eagles Nestng Fishing Lodge is a newly built Lodge but the owners Kenny Eagle Eyes and Urshula Started Eagle Eyes Bonefishing Guides Service in the year of 1994 as just a guided service Thanks to all our value clients we now call family

The Bonefish here on Long Island are considered to be the pride and emeralds of the Bahamian waters. In there awesome glory the bonefish rises to the surface of the crystal clear flats to show of their awesome presence. These power houses have inspired the natives and have intrigued the many anglers who come to fish for these graceful but very powerful creatures.These bonefish are the amazing animals of the Bahamian archipelago, and allows the visitors who comes to our beautiful Islands to fall in love with it.

Long Island Bahamas bonefishing Guides are considered the best of the best because of top notch Guides like Ken Eagle Eyes and his Permit and Bonefishing guides service, But most of all the graceful but very powerful bonefish. Because of its elegant and spectacular glory ,Long Island Bahamas will always be the first place anglers comes to do their Bonefishing. Eagle Eyes Guided service along with Long Island Bahamas Bonefishing Guides is well known for giving the best catch and guided service possible, It’s here urge and satisfactory is always given to our visitors. So what shall I say then! Bonefishing on Long Island Bahamas goes beyond your wildest dreams and expectations.

The Bahamas is considered the best of all the Caribbean countries when it comes to bonefishing. It's Here All other sports are canceled out when put with this type of fishing.

Long Island Bahamas serves as the best tropical location for sport fishing and to hear fly rods and spinners come alive, allowing you to activate both physical and mental abilities; once you arrive on Long Island Bahamas you will be given the opportunity to glance and cast at these exquisite fish with Eagle Eyes Permit and Bonefishing Guide Service.

The Bonefish are extremely like no other fish because they look and act like no other fish. These fish are the prime masters of the shallow waters if not the sea. As thriving fish of the Bahamas and Caribbean they are highly spectacular, and as a great sport fish it makes all other fish bow before it because of its shiny silver and crystal scales and it’s wanting by all anglers, not to mention pound for pound! They are considered the most powerful salt water fish there is. The Guides of Eagle Eyes Permit and Bonefishing Guide Service welcome’s you to Long Island Bahamas.

This is just not a advertising site, This site was made and design for Anglers who are tired and stress out from finding fishing site's that says fishing and once they would've gotten there they found something different our a whole different story or a change of talk. And you are tired of finding site's that says wading on hard bottom and they put you on bottom so soft you leave your waders and your dross in the mud, And they said clear Sandy bottom, and you were place on turtle grass so black that if you didn't look up in the sky to see that it's still day you would've thought it was night, And I mean after all of your years of Planning. We the guides here at Eagle Eyes Permit and Bonefishing Guide Service on Long Island are so sure that we could put you on clear hard bottoms so you could see your fish taking your fly and you don't have to worry about falling down and looking where to walk rather than looking at your fish, and we will put you on schools of fish and if we cant deliver!!!The day is on us.

So if you want to see your $500 dollars reel smoking and seems like it's about to be burnt up, and your $800 dollars fly rod is about to be bent over so much that it seems as if any second it's about to be broken in pieces, and your fly line is about to be bent over so much that it seems as if any second it's about to be broken in pieces, and your fly line is so thought it's like any minute it will snap, Let Eagle Eyes and his guides give you your heaven on the flats experience. We wouldn't tell you should've been here yesterday, or the guy caught a big one yesterday, or it was to much wind yesterday so the fish is not on the flats today. If we don't deliver you don't deliver it's just that simple.

Philip Franks

Here is my main man Philip Franks holding his big bouncing baby boy, On the 13th day of November 2017 in the year of our lord a rosy bouncing baby boy was born to a Mr Philip Franks on the flats of Long Island Bahamas. On the 13th of November 2017, around 12.10 pm the cry was made 60ft coming at you left. The orders was giving to cast but the baby boy refuse to come to the fly to be delivered, so the cry was made again cast  cast now strip,  the winds were fears and the tides refuse to slack down to get a perfect cast, But at 12.12pm the cry was made he’s coming strip strip, the line went thought lightning flash and thunder began to roll, the rain pour from the heavens with excitement  and the fly reel sing halleluiah as the line slide from the water to the reel and through the guides, We look on with excitement as Mr Frank began to skilfully handle this moment, He goes my arms are tired and I hope sharks our Barracuda don’t come to devour and kill the child. But after all the rods bearing down the reels singing such marvellous high pitch the cry was made at 12.20 it’s a healthy 8-pound baby boy. Thanks to the skilful handling of Mr Philip Franks for clipping away the cord. I mean bending the barbs down he’s doing well and is now resting comfortably on big banks flats with family and friends.

Jay Loyd Carson

What can I say about Sir J? yeeeeep Sir J is a super cat who says I'm his breda from another mother, But very very nice person who loves the sport of fly fishing., So J his wife Lisa AKA the queen was out on pigeon Mangrove flats when we spotted a school of big fish all going from 8-12pounds I told J hey school coming at you 40 ft 12 o’clock first cast one strip J was on, Betsy now knowing that she was hook start slicing line through the water like hot knife through  butter, I said J she’s a beast  J goes like no its Gigantrious, so there we are having fun watching the fly line and backing ran out when all of a sudden we heard a powwwwww sound, like oh my God he's of, pull the fly line in busted at the Knot (JS famous Knot) lol ok well no time to cry over that I look in the distance saw a huge school coming and they are feed hard, so I go J I don't need you to hurry up and get the fly on but I need you to make haste, Now J is down there taking his own precious time being the smooth cat that he is, So I goes J you have to do it now I goes J they on me about 20ft I goes J J then J goes Look I'm going to take my time because I don't want to f***K it up. So now after a 4-minute delay that seems like an eternity J stands up the line wrap around every part of the rod Js foot the steering wheel and Lisa being the she queen that she is trying so hard to clear the line out for her King goes its clear go. I said ok cast 9 oclock 15ft, first cast not even a full strip Boooom shackclack he's on I goes it's a big boy J J goes YEAAAAH I’m thinking oh my god he is coming to wake the dead with that ROAR went from the cat to the Lion, Hugo bent that rod like he wants to break it we are running out of backing now oh my gooooooood nooooooo all of a sudden, Hugo just stop took on new energy and peel line like a train on the track. Stay tune for part 2  at a theatre  near you. Do know J uses words like Iree, Mon, Nuff Respect? Umm!

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